Friday, February 8, 2008

Surrendering to Sharia law in the UK

Sharia law already enforced in 10 courts (UK)


I'd be willing to bet that if one of these Sharia courts sentenced a Briton to death, amputation or lashing, and carried out the sentence, they'd be permitted to get away with it.

First of all, Britons are almost completely defenseless, by law and in any practical sense. You can go to jail there simply for punching someone who's invaded your home at night.

Secondly, the police can't be everywhere at once, and since (as in many US cities) they can take hours to show up at the scene of a crime, they're not going to be any use protecting anyone.

Thirdly, the "official" police and courts are probably terrified of the people who make up the Sharia power base in the UK. After all, the police, court officers and bureaucrats, and their family members, are as defenseless as everyone else in the UK (who's law-abiding).

This is the sad and inhumane end state of a society whose members have been unwilling, or unable, to defend themselves or their way of life from thugs of any sort, for a very long time.

It's not about disliking Muslims (or anyone else). It's about keeping a system alive that brings out the best, not the worst, in all of its citizens whatever their religion or background, and is able, in its strength, to welcome new members whatever their origin or creed.

I would say that if this trend continues, England as we have known it will in a generation or two be as extinct as Ionian Greece. And it's worth noting that some other European countries are in a not dissimilar position.

A sad, shameful, needless, harmful and entirely preventable loss.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Koans For Our Time

A man had moved to a new town, and went to the butcher shop there to buy meat for his dinner.

After the butcher wrapped the meat and the man paid him, the butcher said, "I see you're new in town. Would you like to come to my neighborhood for a barbeque, and meet some of the other townspeople?"

"I couldn't possibly. You're a butcher. The butcher's trade is an unclean one", said the man, as he walked out with his steaks.

A woman said to an armed policeman (who earned far less than she), "Why do you not catch more criminals?"

The policeman responded, "we'd like to, and we do our best, but we can't be everywhere at once. Have you considered purchasing a gun?"

"Certainly not", said the woman. "The use of guns is immoral, and people who use them are contemptible. I expect people like you to protect me."

"At the risk of my own life?", asked the policeman.

"Of course!", exclaimed the woman.

The policeman laughed, and walked away.

"I think it's terrible how little respect the police have for people!", the woman complained.

A woman sought to pass a law in her town that would limit where military recruiting offices could be located, a law similar to those limiting pornographic bookstores.

A soldier asked the woman, "Do you think our country should have no soldiers?"

The woman responded, "Of course we need some soldiers. But they can be conscripted when our government wants them. People should not be presented with the choice of becoming a soldier."

The soldier laughed and walked away.

"That reminds me. It's terrible how little respect the military has for my favorite political party", the woman reflected.