Friday, November 2, 2007

What is an aristocrat?

An aristocrat....

... is someone who thinks they are entitled to privileges other people don't have

... thinks the world owes them a living

... asserts, haughtily, that others should legitimately be expected to "sacrifice" for the sake of the aristocrat's agenda

... has usually risen to power by riding the coattails of and/or sucking up to an existing power hierarchy, rather than through any real-world skills

... has very likely never worked a real job in his/her life

... doesn't like the idea of people being able to prosper without their approval and/or largesse

... thinks that "leadership" consists of forcing their countrymen do what the aristocrat wants without argument or recourse

... thinks that "leadership" of their countrymen legitimately includes yelling, coercion and threats

... considers it an insult to have their pronouncements challenged, or to be asked to explain or debate them

... thinks he/she should be able to silence people whose opinions they don't agree with

... thinks it's OK to force other people to follow rules they don't deign to follow themselves

Why would anyone want to give more political power to people like that?

You don't think Stalin qualifies as an aristocrat? Re-read the list above, then read about his life. I recommend Simon Sebag Montefiore's "Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar"

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