Saturday, December 15, 2007

The War Between the Sexes -- To the Benefit of Whom, Exactly?

In the not so distant future, women may be "farmed" for the purposes of pleasing men, according to Angry Harry, a men's right activist (someone whose attitudes I don't share, but will respond to below).
If anything, the chances are not so much that women will take over the planet and exterminate the men, but that men will start to 'farm' women for their very own purposes - just like they currently do with cows.

And, quite frankly, unless women in the west get their act together and start supporting men rather than making enemies out of them by supporting divisive feminists who do little more than continually stir up hatred toward them, and who, therefore, also undermine the whole well-being of their very own societies, then they shall surely deserve to be tamed, domesticated and harvested for the good of the planet, and, of course, for the contentment and happiness of the men who dwell upon it!

He's talking about Harems, basically.

And Harems have, unfortunately, been a feature of many human societies for millennia, and they are nothing I'd like to see return, in any form.

I don't agree with the author's mean-spirited attitude nor his small-minded approach.

But I do think I've observed that in societies where only a small elite have any power, where both men and women are mostly "little people" with little wealth, or ability to protect themselves and their families on their own, women are more likely to....
  1. Think their men are contemptible and useless, and treat them accordingly
  2. Offer themselves sexually to powerful people in the hierarchy, in order to advance their family's fortunes
  3. Be "protected" as part of a Harem, in societies that allow polygamy
Due to #1, the humiliated men may take this out violently on the women, even push for laws limiting womens' power. This may make them feel better to think how "powerful" they are, but it still leaves them powerless (and still humiliated) in front of more powerful men regarding #2 and #3.

I have long thought that this is less an issue about "men vs women" than it is about how if one group of people looks to an existing power hierarchy to help it "bash" a second group of people, rather than simply standing up for its own freedom and defense and establishing a free and fair playing field, BOTH groups end up as slaves to that power hierarchy.

"Feminism is the revolutionary notion that women should be treated like human beings". I believe that probably 97% of women in the West think like that (and most men), and that this, and equal treatment in law and society, as peers with men, is what their goal is.

However, there is some virulent man-hating practiced by some women (engendered to a great extent, of course, by socially institutionalized abuse of women in the past), and this is recognized and disapproved of by some prominent women in our society (see "Who Stole Feminism?").

I do feel that the peculiar encouragement and rewarding of such behavior by some in our government, seems almost intended to create the situation of mutual estrangement and weakness that I've described above.

Such a situation can only benefit a tiny power elite, which has historically been a group of men who exploit women for their own purposes... Stalin's USSR having been one of the most flagrant examples in a "modern" country.

I find such a situation disgusting to contemplate. I much prefer men and women free to operate independently, and to be able to cooperate on the basis of mutual benefit, mutual respect, with neither group being persecuted under the law to "please" the other.
"Never invite a foreign army into your country, because they will end up ruling it" -- Machiavelli

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