Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beat up the good students and steal their stuff

Kremlin's heavy hand triggers foreign exodus

What? Surely not!

Give skilled capitalists and/or foreigners free reign for a while to get things working, then kick them out or kill them, and steal the results of their labour.

When things are a mess again, repeat the cycle.

It's an old trick of kleptocracies the world wide. The wonder is that some of us keep falling for it.

Beat up the good students, get them to do the maths homework, then steal their lunch money.

In the freer countries, the good students are working rather more for themselves, and rather less for thieving bullies (the efforts of the Brownites notwithstanding, so far).

Needless to say, the kleptocrats and bullies hate this. Who do those good students think they are, running around un-owned? Someone needs to put them in their place!

And there, in a nutshell, is the basis for the anti-Western attitudes and rhetoric of kleptocratic leaders worldwide. What else would we expect?

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