Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight of the slow suicide of Liberalism in the UK

When reasonable, fair-minded people render themselves defenseless, and sociopolitically prostrate before thugs, sooner or later they end up dominated in all aspects of their lives by those thugs.

Sharia law should be introduced into legal system, says leading barrister

And what does this brave man have to say about such minor issues as the treatment of women under Sharia?
Sharia law has been criticised for its prevention of some rights for women. Mr Hockman reportedly conceded: “The position of women is one area where the emphasis is, to the say the least, rather different.”
Do tell. And what do you propose to do about that, exactly? Offer to keep women at home, barefoot and pregnant?
He said: “I am also sometimes confronted by those who point out that there are elements within the Muslim community who pose a threat to our very security. My answer is not to dispute them but to suggest that it is for those of us forming part of the majority community to address such problems.”
By choosing to submit to a system that is promoted and administered by the most extreme representatives of that community?

This person reminds me of those German Jews who cooperated with Hitler in the rounding up and ghettoization of their co-religionists, in the belief that by cozying up to a murderer, he might treat them more mercifully. Or the collaborators at least.

These disgusting collaborators ended up in the camps like everyone else.

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