Saturday, September 1, 2007

The continued destruction of a national education system

"Uneducated people are easier to govern" -- Saparmurat Niyazov, former dictator of Turkmenistan

UK Private schools must share teaching 'expertise'

So it's not enough that UK private schools must share their playing fields and sports facilities with children from state schools, after "New" Labour irresponsibly and mendaciously sold off state schools' sporting grounds to developers?

It's not enough that UK parents who send their children to private schools have to struggle to pay for that, on top of the tax money they pay to send other peoples' children to state schools?

The problem is not a lack of "expertise" in UK state schools. There are, and have been, plenty of knowledgeable, motivated people in the UK state school system.

The problem is that they are quite frequently crushed in any attempt to improve conditions in those schools. Rather a lot of them have also been the victims of violence from students, or thuggish parents, from whom the government refuses to protect them in any meaningful way.

Over the years, many have quit the system in despair, even moved overseas to teach in countries whose governments are somewhat more serious about running a functional educational establishment.

So now the UK government, having done what it can to cripple education in state schools, is doing ever more to crush it in independent schools.

If the UK government is serious about importing private school "expertise" into state schools, it will simply step aside and permit those skilled and motivated individuals working in state schools today to emulate the successes of private schools, rather than burdening the staff and teachers of the private schools with additional responsibilities to "help" a government that not only can't be arsed to help itself, but is in fact actively hostile to anyone being so helped.

However, I'm sure a few private schools will be spared this destructive tide, at least to some extent.

Those schools to which certain prominent "New" Labour leaders, in the style of US "limousine liberals", hypocritically send their own children.

Needless to say, similar situations exist in some other countries as well, or at least parts of them, whose politicians have similar attitudes.

I'm sure Mr Niyazov would approve.

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