Saturday, September 1, 2007

Enabling torture, rape and mutilation [Warning: Graphic]

News item: New York woman, denied protection by NYC police, is permanently disfigured by rejected suitor

News item: In Bangladesh, women disfigured by rejected suitors; Infant forced to drink acid, horribly disfigured

News item: Women and other vulnerable persons beg for help from police, are refused, raped, beaten. Court rules that police had no legal duty to protect

News item: A woman in Iran faces execution for defending herself and her niece against rapists

These and similar items are detailed in the following links. Beware, there are some alarming graphics.

Disfigurement of children is particularly horrific, and not unknown as a method for thuggish men to inflict punishment on women who don't do what the thugs want.

What these stories have in common is that defenseless victims (usually, but not always, women) are not protected by the authorities, while at the same time being denied the means to defend themselves and their loved ones independently of such protection.

We seem to hear of such stories far more often from places where people are denied the right and the means to legally defend themselves.

And that's not surprising. If a cowardly thug wishes to throw acid into a woman's face, or force her 1-month-old infant to drink it, will he feel more, or less, empowered to do so in a jurisdiction where the woman might be armed, with a legal right to use the weapon on him if he's violent?

The acid-throwing parallel between the NYC and Bangladesh stories is IMO particularly enlightening. It illustrates very clearly that "gun control", and a general denial of legal means and right to self-defense, represent the most primitive, unjust and despicable sort of 3rd world "governance".

In my view, people who consider themselves liberal and enlightened, yet support "gun control", should have a good long think about the implications of their position.


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