Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Deplorable Day in Denmark,news-comment,news-politics,muslim-extremists-attack-on-danish-cartoonist-is-great-pr-for-panic-rooms

The Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, when threatened by someone trying to smash in his windows, ran, as instructed earlier by his government bodyguards, to his government-provided panic room... leaving his 5-year old granddaughter alone in the house. His govt advisers had told him to leave any family members outside if they could not get in in time.

Fortunately she was OK. But I have to ask what kind of person would leave a small child at the mercy of such an attacker, whatever his handlers had told him?

I also have to ask (rhetorically) what kind of government would insist that potential adult victims of violence hide somewhere while family members are exposed to the attackers RATHER THAN SIMPLY ALLOWING THEM THE MEANS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

I guess that government would prefer that children are butchered than allow anything to chip away at their carefully crafted and self-serving notion that regular citizens, no matter who they are, have no right to effective personal self-defense.

Adding to the general disgustingness, CNN reports that he brought his granddaughter with him. Dishonest spin to avoid horrifying US audiences too much, who (outside of certain US cities at least) may be less numbed to such despicable official attitudes than some who live in the EU?

No wonder the Islamic extremists feel so empowered to terrorize these poor farm animals, who seem by and large to be voluntarily toothless. 

And who, with a sense of moral purpose (even if evilly twisted as in the case of these terrorists) would not feel a sense of disgust and repugnance at contemplating such a society?

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