Sunday, August 22, 2010

A prophetic cartoon from 50 years ago

Remarkably prophetic indeed. "Hope and Change" predicted 50 years ago!

Not only is it prophetic, it illustrates how the same purveyors of snake-oil have been in business for generations.

Incidentally, the system described in the video can work anywhere, not just the USA... if it's allowed to.

When people talk about "American Exceptionalism", it's in the same sense that someone with a Mac running OS10 would try to convince someone running Windows 3.1 or CP/M that they may want think about switching, and telling them about all the cool features.

It's not that Mac users (whether in the USA or in a few other Mac-using countries) are specially blessed by God or have super-DNA, it's that they have a system that, while not perfect, seems to work one hell of a lot better than the other ones.

The only people who stand to lose from that are those who have a stake in pushing Windows 3.1 and CP/M. They do their best to convince users of those systems that the Mac people are "arrogant", "show-offs", even "oppressors", while doing all they can to keep those users in the dark as much as possible, even (sadly) convincing many not even to read anything about Macs published by Apple, or by people who use and like Macs.

Meanwhile, for some reason, in 2008 a bunch of the Mac users elected someone from the Windows 3.1 (or possibly even CP/M) organization to be CEO of Apple. And earlier, in 2006, for some reason they elected a bunch of people from that same organization to a majority on the Apple board.

And now that everyone's Macs are slowing down, displaying a lot of bugs, and crashing more often, some of these same people are surprised.

Well, what did they expect?

And do they think the current CEO gives a rat's ass? He WANTS those Macs to fail, and for their users to give up on them, and settle for his crappy product.

"Sigh...", say the Windows 3.1 purveyors. "It's just SO unfortunate... I guess those Macs just never really did work after all..."

Mac users are supposed to be a little more on the ball than most people. What are the other users who were looking forward to getting Macs themselves someday, and in some cases sticking their necks out to get some immediately, going to think of this strange decision on the part of the Mac users?

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